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The use of newly developed self-extinguishing TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) makes DEVENTER profiles extremely suitable for smoke and fire resistant constructions. The fire retardant DEVENTER seals have a burning speed of 0mm / min and therefore do not contribute to fire propagation. DEVENTER sealing profiles with the code S, SV and DS also meet the requirements of smoke density according to EN 1634-3. DEVENTER fire retardant profiles have been tested according to the test method EN ISO11925-2 by the Institut für Fenstertechnik Rosenheim and are classified according to standard EN13501-1: 2007. All DEVENTER fire retardant profiles, including the silicone profiles (DS), amply meet the class E bandwidth.

  • Made from high quality self-extinguishing TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer)
  • For fire rebate 25 mm
  • Stop clearance 5 mm
  • Groove dimensions (b) 4 x (h) 8 mm
  • Also available in adhesive version S 5867 K [BS]
  • KOMO Classification code I 34243

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